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Mar 3, 2013 9:00am PST
for warren buffett. >>> dennis rodman with a message from north korea to president obama. details on all those stories throughout the hour, but first -- >> to washington. new today speaker of the house john boehner says he sees absolutely no path to ending the sequester which officially took effect late friday. the speaker spoke exclusively to david gregory on today's nbc "meet the press," specifically addressing president obama's role in the debate process. >> he has a plan that he's put forward that involves entitlement cuts. that involves spending cuts. that you've made a choice as have republicans to leave tax loopholes in place and you'll rather have those and live with all these -- >> david, that's just nonsense. if he had a plan, why wouldn't senate democrats go ahead and pass it? the house has acted twice over the last ten months to replace the sequester. if we're going to -- the president counted his tax hikes on january 1st. >> democrats are firing back, though. here's senate majority whip dirk durbin today. >> what we have here is a steady diet. i don't want to point fingers,
Mar 23, 2013 9:00am PDT
correspondent martin fletcher. good day to you both. >> nice to be with you. >> dennis, i will begin with you. was this style over substance and style does matter a lot here, right? especially with israel. >> well, i think sometimes style and substance become one and the same. the fact is the president had a major objective in this trip and that objective was to build credibility with the israeli public. by doing that, that would begin to create greater political space for him on issued like iran, on issues like the peace question. if you don't have that connection, if you don't have that credibility, the ability to move on those issues becomes profoundly difficult. so i think what he did was achieve a fundamental objective number one, and number two, there was a substantive achievement. that substantive achievement was a reconciliation between turkey and israel. something the administration has been working on for the last three years. that came directly as a result of this trip and so i think this was not only an achievement of style, it was also an achievement of substance. >> and so that
Mar 9, 2013 4:00am PST
police officers in their alleged role in the violence. >>> dennis dugard has signed a law allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom. >>> after 12-hour debate, colorado senate has advanced a strong gun control bill that includes expanded background checks and a ban on sales to people accused of domestic violence. >>> the host of the sportsman channel's "a riflesman journal" has been shot and killed. they say gregory rodriguez was murdered by a jealous husband who then shot and killed himself. >>> in chicago, all that's left of eight stolen school buss is a pile of shredded metal. gps units on the buses led police to a scrap yard just hours after they were taken. each bus was worth up to $3,000 in recycled metal. those are your fast five headlines. >>> one week into sequestration and the spending cuts are already taking a toll. the army announced friday it is suspending tuition assistance for soldiers as a result of the budget squeeze. that shut down effective as of 5 p.m. eastern time yesterday. soldiers already enrolled in the program are allowed to continue. the marine corps
Mar 30, 2013 4:00am PDT
jong-un? >> well, sure. he is a black box. the only american that's talked to him is dennis rodman. i mean at one level we've seen this kind of cycle of provocation, you know, before. and there is a kind of a wag the dog, if you will, quality to it. as long as it stays at the propaganda level, we'll work through this. the real -- the real new variable if there is one here is, as much as kim jong-un is creating this crisis to solidify his base in north korea, he's challenging a brand-new president, president park, in south korea. and the difference here is that political dynamic. that, you know, from south korea's standpoint, there have been the nuclear tests, the missile test, going back a couple of years, the sinking of one of their ships, the shelling of one of their islands. so the real danger here is one of provocation, escalation, miscalculation, and then, you know, if north korea does something provocative towards the south, the south is likely to respond in some fashion, and then you move into dangerous waters. >> meanwhile the u.s. continues to show its support for south korea
Mar 9, 2013 9:00am PST
last week, not really funny but nonetheless a joke about dennis rodman now knowing more about kim jong-un than the cia. how much does our intelligence community really know about what's going on in north korea and this new leader? >> well, dennis rodman was a great basketball player. he's not a skilled diplomat to be sure. and the notion that he can somehow pay a visit to north korea and then make an assumption or judgment upon the validity and the eagerness for the north korean leader to pursue a path of peace is pretty pathetic, frankly. but nonetheless, president obama has said we're prepared to reach out to kim jong-un. but we're not going to deal with a closed fist. so china believes we are pursuing the right policy of increasing those sanctions, japan, south korea, all of our allies understand the consequence of what the north koreans are doing. it's very dangerous to the extent that they continue to develop nuclear weapons to the extent they are now reaching agreements and have had agreements with iran. so you have a nexus between iran and north korea developing missile technolo
Mar 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
there until about wednesday. i got off the phone a short time with a former middle east envoy dennis ross who said the unique sim p bolls and sense ptivities in a trip like this. the president will spend less than 48 hours on the ground in israel. the highlight of his trip as soon as he lands. while he's not going to make a trip to visit the iron dome batted field. the rasheed walla the israelis are going to bring it to where air force one lands. there will also be a lot of symbolic trips, we will not go to the western wall, he won't go to the mosque one of which is significant to judaism, another one that's significant to islam, to the muslims. he will go and visit the church of the nativity in bethlehem. he is trying to go to places that have significant relevance to some of the people where the three world religions, judaism, christianity and islam meet without offending any of the others. on top of that he will try to find commonity as he visits with benjamin netanya tan yanyahneta >>>. march madness on wall street r the rich getting richer, the one man or earth that i trust on earth with
Mar 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
by stephen dennis detailing a testy exchange tweend two senators around 4:00 a.m. during the votorama that happened friday night into saturday morning. i love the story. shows what was going on during the votes after votes after votes on that side of capitol hill. some of these votes are really basically to push each other into political corners. i also love it because it reinforces one of my favorite sayings in life. nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m. >> you and my mother! that's good. all right. thank you. robert, what's your must read? >> a heartbreaking story in today's netanyahu abo-- "new yo times." the ironic pe iic piece, they c afford a house on apartment the problem is they don't qualify for credit. literally moving from motel to motel to motel. really, really sad. >> extraordinary. that's disturbing. yeah. i'll have to read that. doug, your must read? >> mine's in the "times as well. a story about the discussion legal circles ar concerns on the mind of some supreme court justices that a decision in favor of marriage quality would create some sort of backlash and they don'
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7